Portfolio Management

My London Pad have been working with investors for over twenty years, each with their own aspirations and investment needs.

We therefore aim to provide a unique and personalised service depending on the requirement of each investor, so as to ensure profitable returns and a guaranteed income.

Our three main areas of service are:

1. Growing your portfolio

Through our established network and strong partnerships we are able to guarantee an agreed income relative to whatever investment you wish to commit. Having worked with hundreds of investors in building their portfolios (as well as guaranteeing them their incomes by managing the properties), we instil confidence for all of our investors who have the piece of mind that they are guaranteed a successful return on their investment.

Our method is simple:

  • We identify a property or area for you to invest in.
  • We agree the guaranteed rent with you prior to purchase for a term of 5 – 10 years.
  • We develop the property increasing its rentable value.
  • We then lease the property from you entering into a Guaranteed Rent Agreement.
  • We pay the rent to you directly ensuring a great return on your investment.

2. Existing portfolio review

My London Pad provide a dedicated and personalised Portfolio Management service for Investors with an existing portfolio. We appreciate that every portfolio is unique and therefore ensure that each portfolio achieves its maximum return by matching it to one of the various schemes that we are a part of. We are an approved a partner for several authorities and are a exclusively part of some of the newest schemes available. Therefore as an official rent guarantee agent we are best placed in the market to work alongside those investors with an existing portfolio, or with those who have the means to explore further great investment opportunities.

3. Portfolio management

My London pad are widely regarded as providing one of the most transparent and effective portfolio management service agents in London.

Our successes are due to the experiences we have gained by being involved in this sector for over twenty years, as well as our understanding of what is important to our investors !

We ensure that all portfolio owners are completely satisfied with the service that they receive by:
  • Providing each portfolio landlord with a dedicated account manager. Having one point of contact who deals with everything on a day to day basis relating to your account ranging from sign ups to repairs. This has proven a success with existing investors.
  • Rent is paid in one payment every month. Even if you wish to extend your porfolio, each property will be added to your account – so rather than get say several payments for each property we pay as one account rather than per property. Again proved to become a massive success.
  • You get all the management services needed at one phone call. Makes life easier rather than having to contact several companies. Again the dedicated account manager will be fully capable of working with you closely ensuring a service that you are truly happy with.
  • We are responsible for your investment and to ensure that your property remains in good condition. We provide a fully managed guaranteed rent service with 0% management fees and no void periods, so all the benefits associated with getting a great service and a guaranteed successful investment with none of the hassle !
Please call or email for further information into My London Pad’s unique portfolio management service.